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The Giant Traditional Lliklla of Chinchero


This project was born in the fall of 2018 carried out by the first CTTC weavers association, the master weavers of the "Away Riqchariqcheq" weaving center of Chinchero. The goal of the weavers was to weave in pieces and join later each module to create the largest traditional Manta of Chinchero. It was a communal decision made with the dream to accomplish something unique and special due that some master weavers are aging.  Initially aiming to participate in the  Guinness  World Records, the weavers began working together towards their one-of-a-kind goal, spending several months spinning, naturally dyeing (especially with indigo as the base color present in the pampa), warping, weaving, and finally achieving to focused on the finishings of the giant lliklla. It was a deeply challenging project, probably the most defiant in these weavers' lives, taking nearly a year to its completion under a very tight time scheduled.

Once the Chinchero weavers gave birth to the biggest and most powerful lliklla of modern times, they needed even to be assisted by their husbands when moving it, since its weight surrounded the 110 kilos and their total dimensions achieved the 120 cm x 110 cm. It was a dream to produce the largest piece of handspun yarn with naturally dyed colors woven in the ancestral Andean backstrap loom.


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