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Current Projects: With Support From Andean Textile Arts - ATA


Textile Innovations

In the last years, the CTTC has been exploring the high skill of the weavers in the traditional textile production. Some ways in which this exploration has taken place has been through the many weaving competitions and through the accomplishment of remarkable textiles from special commissions.  For  the  Textile  Innovations  Project,  the Center has worked hand in hand with the ten weaver’s associations to collectively create textiles based on their inspirations from daily activities as well as from their Andean cosmovision. This is challenging work since the many ideas from the different weavers and the goal of bringing them all together often does not look as planned, so it is about coming to a point where the final product looks as expected by everyone. The finish collective piece is then embellished on its borders to protect it and be presented as a work of art.