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Current Projects: With Support From Andean Textile Arts - ATA


The Khipu as a Record Workshop

The Khipu workshop is specially focused on the CTTC younger weavers generations, navigating the multiple perspectives that have surrounded the ‘Talking Knots’  throughout time, and re-interpreting its ancestral technology in the present time. The Khipu, known as the Inka accounting system and repository of oral tradition, was one of the most important ancient technologies based on the use of a sophisticated and extensive textile vocabulary. Its intricate structure has succeeded in keeping this textile language developed by the Inka culture undecipherable until now.

This workshop is intended for the young weavers to acquire broader knowledge about their ancestors and the greatness of textile art in ancient Peru. The young weavers from the ten weaving centers will study and reinterpret the Khipu structure based on twisted and knotted strings of different sizes and colors, tied to a central cord. In the same way the Khipu served the ancient Peruvians to compile information and express themselves through the language of natural fibers, natural dye colors, twisted yarn, directionality, and, types of knots, young weavers will be encouraged to explore their own textile language through the creation of contemporary, handspun, khipus.

One of the highlights of this project is its methodology. The workshop aims to go beyond the passive lecturer-listener dynamic. Instead, this project integrates various stages where the young weavers are not only on the receiving end but, simultaneously, are trained to be the ones to teach the workshop in their own communities experimenting with personal methodologies. This project is meant to conclude in the visual documentation of the stories behind the contemporary khipus.